We can offer custom price plans to suit your needs. If you require custom limits, data retention, on-premises hosting, private cloud instances or white labeling, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. We’re always happy to help you find the best solution for your business.

Purchase the subscriptions from the billing section in the dashboard. Not sure which plan is the right for you? Use the calculator to decide.


€0 per month

The Free plan is exactly what it says - free. It’s enough to get your feet wet with a simple prototype and to test out the service.

  • Retention: 3 days
  • Devices: 2
  • Messages: 1 000/month
  • MB/Month: 0.1
  • Not for commercial use


€10 per month

The Maker plan is - as the name says - suitable for makers, typically if you want to experiment with devices at home or for small demo projects in the office.

  • Retention: 1 week
  • Devices: 10
  • Messages: 5 000/month
  • MB/Month: 0.5
  • Not for commercial use


€300 per month

The Startup plan is suitable for projects in development with a few developers and multiple projects in an early stage.

  • Retention: 4 weeks
  • Devices: 500
  • Messages: 100 000/month
  • MB/Month: 10


€600 per month

The Business plan is suitable for production projects with multiple teams working togheter on a system developing, testing, running and supporting it.

  • Retention: 4 weeks
  • Devices: 5 000
  • Messages: 5 000 000/month
  • MB/Month: 100


€3500 per month

The Enterprise plan is just like the Business plan but with even more room for messages, team members and integrations.

  • Retention: 4 weeks
  • Devices: 20 000
  • Messages: 20 000 000/month
  • MB/Month: 2 500