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Automate everything

Manage devices and firmware individually or as a fleet. All functionality is available through the API.

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Low-power device friendly

Not all devices have quad-cores or even support simple TLS. We enable low power communication, simplified authentication, authorization and data transfer through our IoT platform

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Client libraries

Program in your favorite language. We generate clients for Java, .NET, TypeScript/JavaScript, Swift, Dart, Go and Rust. We also provide the OpenAPI Spec enabling you to generate any missing clients.

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Device isolation

Your devices are shielded from the internet and each other. All access and communcation is through our APIs.

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Data retention

You don’t have to worry about losing data when your backend systems is down for maintenance. The data from your devices are retained in our service, ready to be picked up when your systems come back online. We have different pricing tiers that have data retention plans that suits your needs.

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Secure communication

You don’t have to worry about encrypting your device payloads. Our service encapsulates your payloads and deliver them in an Internet-friendly format for your backend services.


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