IoT that works.

Focus on the things that really matter when prototyping, developing, deploying and managing your IoT system. We take care of the data flow between your embedded devices and backend systems so you can focus on what you do best - innovating and growing your business.

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Span the gap between embedded and Internet

How does it work?

Embedded software and internet services operate under vastly different conditions. Embedded software, often subject to power, processing, memory, and storage limitations, may only be online for fleeting moments. In contrast, internet services, with fewer constraints, are perpetually active and handle substantial data traffic. Our unique service bridges the gap between these two worlds, offering simple and concise interfaces for both embedded devices and backend services.

Run anywhere

The service does not run on a particular cloud or hardware; You can choose how to run the service. The standard offering runs in the cloud but we offer hosting in any cloud, any location and on premises.

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Augmented payloads

Messages sent by the devices are augmented with additional metadata which greatly simplifies backend development.

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Minimise configuration

The devices talk to a single endpoint independently of the external configuration. Less configuration on the devices makes for quicker firmware development.

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Build backends faster

Messages from devices are kept on record and if a backend goes down or is unavailable for some reaons it won’t miss data from the IoT network. New backends can be added or moved without any service interruptions.

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Global coverage

Deploy world wide

Our partners have global LTE-M and NB-IoT coverage with coverage for over 190 countries and 750 mobile networks that spans the entire globe. In addition you can implement gateways that bridge other IoT networking technologies like LoRaWAN, ZigBee and BLE.

Custom Radio Protocols

If you are using a custom or proprietary networking technology you can extend the current system into the network of your choice via a custom gateway. You’ll enjoy the full benefits of the device and data management API with just a few simple primitives.

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LTE-M and NB-IoT built in

Support for LTE-M and NB-IoT is already built into the service. If you need support for other mobile phone networks, please contact us.

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Private APNs

If you want a dedicated link to a mobile network provider we offer private networking options with exclusive access. Please contact us for details.

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Any kind of device

The service supports any kind of device; low power, powered, cellular, wifi, ethernet, industrial IoT

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Unlock the power of AI with real-world data

Power your AI models

Current AI models are nothing without data. Incorporating raw data from the physical world into your AI models can be a daunting task with hard to digest data formats, context-free data snippets and unreliable delivery. Our service bridges the gap between your physical devices and your AI models.

Augmented payloads

Messages sent by the devices are augmented with additional metadata which greatly simplifies backend development.

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Any kind of device

The service supports any kind of device; low power, powered, cellular, wifi, ethernet, industrial IoT

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Apply to existing projects

Your existing IoT solutions can use the service with little or no modifications.

One size does not fit all

Save time, eliminate risk

Streamlinee your development process with ready-made building blocks in our API.They’re designed to handle firmware updates, message transfers, storage, device management, and backend system integration, saving you valuable time. Plus, we understand that unique IoT solutions may need unique pricing structures. That’s why we offer affordable pricing plans tailored to your needs, whether you’re using the cloud, a hybrid cloud, or on-premises solutions. Let us help you optimize your IoT solution.

Secure by default

All communication between devices and the servers are secure by default; there’s no need to encrypt the data sent from the device.

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Service Level Agreement

We offer SLAs tailored to your needs - all the way up to 99.9 and 24h rapid response.

White Labeling

We offer a full range of customization for your needs - build a new service on top of our API or white label the entire service.

Apply to existing projects

Your existing IoT solutions can use the service with little or no modifications.

Use in any project phase

Adapting to your needs

It all starts with an idea and grows from there. Get the first prototype up and running in as little as ten minutes and grow from there. When it is time to scale up you can automate the entire provisioning and production process of new devices via the API. If you discover errors in a firmware version you can upgrade anything from a single device, a subset of devices or the entire fleet of devices.

Scale when you need

Scale accoring to your needs. While your solution is in the prototyping and research phase you won’t need a lot of devices. Once your solution grows you can scale to your needs and requirements.

Rapid prototyping

Create a MVP in hours by builing on top of the existing API; all you need is a static web page to consume data via a websocket or a simple backend that consumes data via a web hook.

Add new backends in minutes

Add multiple backends with to monitor, show dashboards or consume data with a few clicks in the dashboards or via the API.

No time limit

We all know things might take longer than expected. That’s why the free tier has no time limits.

Designed for developers

Works with your tools

We’ve designed everything to be developer-friendly. On the embedded side we impose no particular framework or custom libraries on your workflow. Use your existing toolchain to build the firmware. On the backend side we’ve followed an “API first” policy - if it isn’t in a public API it’s not in the platform. Use your preferred language and development environment to implement the backend system.

OpenAPI specification

We provide clients for several languages such as Java, C#/.NET, Dart, Swift, TypeScript (TS fetch and Angular), Go or Rust. If your language isn’t on the list you can generate your own client library with the OpenAPI specification.

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Use your own embedded stack

We aren’t using any particular framework or development environment. Use the one you prefer to develop the firmware.

API First

We built our service with “API first” in mind; if it isn’t in a public API it isn’t in the service. Everything can be automated via the API.

CI/CD integration

Integrate everything in your CI/CD pipeline; everything can be automated and streamlined. Do automatic deploys to your test devices and production deploys later. Everything is avialable through REST-based APIs which needs nothing more than cURL to operate.

No- and low-code testing

Explore and experiment

Get started with little or no code by using the dashboard and off the shelf hardware like the trackers from Teltonika Telematics. Insert a SIM card, scan the QR code with the IMEI and create a new device with the scanned IMEI then power up. Within a few seconds you’ll receive data.

Get started in minutes

If you just want to verify connectivity and message formatting you can set up a test project in a few minutes with no coding required.

Get a running prototype in hours

You can whip up a sample prototype in a few hours with an Arduino and a web page that consumes the sensor data via a websocket. When you need more features they are at your fingertips.

Quick development

You can short cut the majority of the development process and focus on the unique aspects of your solution - the sensors and the backend.

Ready to get started?

Explore the documentation or create an account instantly and start building your next IoT system. For a solution that is uniquely suited to your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to crafting a bespoke solution that aligns with your specific needs. Let’s transform your business together

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